Pancras Square, King’s Cross

This beautiful new London square is at the gateway to King’s Cross. Water cascades through the space in a series of stepped terraces flowing towards the view of the St Pancras Chambers Clock Tower.

The Pancras Square water feature was conceived by Townshend Landscape Architects as a water course flowing from the heart of King’s Cross towards the gateway to the development. Three huge water features take water through the space in the form of terraced water tables and pools.

Entering the square from the stations, the view is of tumbling water cascades, lit at night with pure white light. From the northern end of the square, the cascades are hidden, and the view is of a series of terraced reflection pools that capture the light and the reflection of the carefully positioned trees.

Project Facts

  • Location: King's Cross, London
  • Client: King's Cross Central Limited Partnership
  • Services: Design, build, management
  • Features: Reflection pools, water cascades and tables
  • Partners: BAM, Miller Druck, Townshend Landscape Architects, Speirs + Major
  • Photography: Courtesy of John Sturrock