Easter fun at Lewis Cubitt Square

Lewis Cubitt Square is the latest civic space to open at King’s Cross. Here some kids are enjoying the water jets in the Easter sunshine.
Children playing in the fountains of Lewis Cubitt Square, King's Cross
The square’s open design and clean lines are the work of celebrated designer Laurie Olin, who also designed Bryant Park in New York.

We were flattered and excited to be asked to work in collaboration with The Olin Studio on the square.

Laurie’s concept for the water feature was to use it to draw people in to this fabulous new space and that it does!

The 55 arching water jets throw into shallow pools set within the paving – creating a tunnel of water that entices children to dash through, while the less adventurous can sit back and watch the fun.

At night, the arching tunnels of water are illuminated with clean white light that cleverly focuses on the jet streams picking out the water droplets as they soar through the air.

Behind the scenes, this subtle water feature is a lot more sophisticated than it might appear. Water quality is managed and maintained through a state-of-the-art filtration and water treatment system – keeping everything safe and clean. While the water jets are controlled via a pioneering web-based control system.

The Fountain Workshop is resident fountain and water feature expert at King’s Cross. You can also see our water features at Granary Square, Pancras Square and Handyside Gardens.