David Bracey Talks in Warsaw

Our Managing Director, David Bracey, was invited to talk at the Polish Association of Landscape Architecture on Thursday 9th November. The audience was made up of aspiring architecture students and other leading lights in the world of public realm development. The conference itself was focused on the importance of water as a resource in the world of architecture and David was invited to speak specifically about The Fountain Workshop’s work with fountains and water features. Choosing to use our project in Granary Square, David used this hugely successful public realm project as an example of how water can be incorporated into public spaces.

He talked through the entire development process from initial discussions with the client to design to build to maintenance. Granary Square is particularly useful in exploring this development process as when designing the fountains, David and his team took a lot of inspiration from the surrounding area and the history of water in King’s Cross. It is very successful, but also a very technically complex project and thus a good example of how clients and engineers alike should not shy away from challenging methods if it achieves the best results.

We also ventured into new fields of technology with this talk by livestreaming it on our YouTube channel (found here). We did have some issues with the sound for the beginning part of the video but you can him clearly from 18:30. Please note that the audience was largely Polish and so David had to pause throughout to allow a translator to speak.

Granary Square, King's Cross by the Fountain Workshop

Granary Square fountains, King's Cross

Granary Square, King's Cross by the Fountain WorkshopReflection pools, Granary Square fountains, King's Cross

FountainGranary Square, King's Cross by the Fountain Workshop