CPD Talk: Waterproofing – David Bracey

David Bracey, our Managing Director, was invited to present two talks to the Gustafson Porter + Bowman staff as part of their Continued Professional Development (CPD) program. The first of these talks (Tuesday 8th May) focused about the process of waterproofing when designing and building water features. He discussed construction approaches to types of waterproofing, and how these can be detailed and applied in the real world using case studies from a variety of completed projects. By looking at the various types of water features in the King’s Cross development, David explored how the specifics of a project can influence the decisions made in relation to waterproofing, and answered the question: is waterproofing really that necessary?

The second talk will take place on Tuesday 12th June and will cover mock-ups and testing in a more general sense.

The Fountain Workshop has worked closely with Gustafson Porter + Bowman throughout the years, on many different projects, most recently Rathbone Square.