Granary Square Shines Again

The Fountain Workshop is delighted to share that after undergoing an extensive restoration and renovation project over the Summer months, the lights in the Granary Square fountains are being turned back on! We have combined the classic lighting system which has lit our fountains for so long with brand new technology to give the people of King’s Cross the best possible experience. We would like to thank our Maintenance team for working so hard to get the lights back up and running.

Not only does this mean that the fountains will be come into their own during dark evenings and cloudy Autumn afternoons, but this also signals the return of the ever-popular ‘Granary Squirt’. We developed this app-based modern retelling of the classic arcade games Pong and Snake in-house, and are thrilled that it can once again be used in conjunction with the Granary Square fountains. For more information on the ‘Granary Squirt’ app, please see here.

The lights were officially be turned on in time for the opening of Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross’s new shopping district. Keep an eye on our Twitter page (@fountainslive) for updates on our involvement with the King’s Cross development.