Folkestone Harbour Square

Harbour Square, with its interactive fountain display, has transformed this part of Folkestone. The historic harbour area has a new sense of energy and vitality and buzzes with people, especially during the summer months.

Folkestone seafront is currently undergoing a comprehensive regeneration. As part of this, the former underused market area fronting the historic harbour has been transformed into Folkestone Harbour Square. The square, with its interactive fountain, is now a popular spot, enjoyed by local residents and visitors alike.

By day, the water morphs from modest jets to great shimmering arcs, surprising those who venture near. By night, the space is transformed as individually illuminated jets bathe the square in a radiant glow.

The squeals of happy children are a testament to the success of the feature, which has totally transformed this part of the town. While the square is a social hub for people living in and around the harbour all year round, it is particularly popular during the summer months, when visitors flock to cool off in the fountains.

Project Facts

  • Location: Folkestone, UK
  • Client: The Folkestone Harbour Company
  • Services: Design, build, management, maintenance
  • Features: Bespoke multi-position jets, bespoke LED lights
  • Partners: Guy Hollaway Architects, Cardy Construction