Gasholders, King’s Cross

As a further part of the King's Cross development, the Gasholders have been turned into state of the art apartments, centring around a ripple pool that reflects the Gasholders' iconic circular shape.

The Fountain Workshop’s involvement with the King’s Cross development continues with the Gasholders. A serene pool of water forms the centre of the ground floor of this residential development, with perfectly circular ripples appearing at intervals. The very nature of the building’s design – three overlapping circles that interlock to create the private central space in which the pool is located – was integral to this feature. As the pool acts as the centre of these three structures, it was imperative that the water itself worked as both a space for quiet reflection and a hub of everyday life. As such, ripples which are choreographed to respond to peak times, appear as the space becomes busier and dissipate as people leave it.

Imitating the recognisable shape of these Grade II listed buildings, the shape of this feature was particularly important. With the framework of these structures being visible above the pool, the water reflects the essence of the Gasholders, as well as mirroring the green landscape that now rises up around them. The pool can be viewed from all levels, offering a variety of experiences depending on point of view.

Subtle jets below the surface pulse to create gentle ripples on top of the water, providing the space with background movement that perfectly complements this living and breathing space. This rippling also creates the effect of rain falling into the pool, meaning that anyone who sees the ripples immediately looks up towards the sky to see if it is raining. Instead, they see the skeletal structure of the Gasholders, again making the Gasholders themselves the very centre of the project.


Project Facts

  • Location: King's Cross, London
  • Client: King's Cross Central Limited Partnership (Argent)
  • Services: Design, build, management
  • Features: Reflection pool, small water jets under the surface, ripple effect
  • Partners: Carillion PLC, Wilkinson Eyre
  • Photography: Courtesy of John Sturrock