Jellicoe Gardens, King’s Cross

The 'green ribbon' that runs through the heart of King's Cross is completed with this serene, Persian-inspired garden.

Inspired by the Bagh-e Fin historical garden, located in modern day Iran, Jellicoe Gardens is a celebration of the Persian heritage found in the Muslim world. This tranquil green space is filled with luscious plantlife that perfectly lends itself to the use of water.

Through the centre of this space runs a single, thin channel, interrupted by small square pools of water every few metres. This leads the public through the Gardens, towards a pavilion overlooking a larger pool, and onward to various seating areas.

The water feature at Jellicoe Gardens was designed to be in the same tone as those The Fountain Workshop provided for the nearby Aga Khan Centre. The Aga Khan Centre and Jellicoe Gardens both aim to emulate the public spaces of the Islamic Middle East.

This project is due to be completed in 2021.

These sketches were produced by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd, who were the landscape designers for this project. More information about Jellicoe Gardens can be found on their website here.

Project Facts

  • Location: King's Cross, London, UK
  • Client: Argent
  • Services: Design, build, and maintainence
  • Features: Water channels and pools
  • Partners: Aga Khan Development Network, Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd, Bell Phillips Architects, Townshend Landscape Architects
  • Sketches: Courtesy of Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd