A titan of engineering and a titan of a water feature in the heart of the British countryside.

Standing at over 300 feet tall, the Stanway fountain in the tallest fountain in Britain and the tallest gravity-fed fountain in the world. This single-jet fountain stands in the centre of the Stanway Canal and, when running at its full height, towers above the Water Garden below. The Fountain Workshop also provided a water channel which travels down the hillside towards the Canal, connecting the Canal to a reservoir located high above the estate.

‘Gravity-fed’ means that this water feature is powered not by a series of pumps, but by the force of 100,000 gallons of water flowing 2 kilometres from the reservoir 580 feet above the Water Garden. The power created by this movement is enough to propel the water straight into the air.

The Fountain Workshop worked with Landscape Architect Paul Edwards to create this awe-inspiring feat of engineering. Today, it is used as the backdrop for parties, events, and weddings.

Stanway House and Fountain can be viewed here.

Project Facts

  • Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Client: Stanway House and Gardens
  • Services: Design, build, management
  • Features: Water channel and fountain jet
  • Partners: Paul Edwards
  • Photography: Stanway House and Fountain