Tumbling Bay, Olympic Park North

The water feature at Tumbling Bay Playground delights and enthrals. Children can take control of the water, regulate its ebb and flow and watch as it streams into the water rill before starting the process again.

Tumbling Bay is the award-winning playscape in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – a key legacy of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

The water feature at Tumbling Bay takes its inspiration from the nearby River Lea, mirroring the journey of the river and beautifully connecting the park to its wider natural environment.

The source is set within a naturally planted river valley. Children hand pump the water into a series of shallow pools and tributaries lined with pebbles and fine gravel. From here, the water flows into a canal system, where budding engineers can direct the flow, becoming masters of dams and locks. On a warm summer’s day, Tumbling Bay is alive with kids playing with the water, splashing and paddling in the shallow pools and “mudlarking” in the sand and pebbles.

Project Facts

  • Location: Stratford, London
  • Client: London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Services: Design, build, management
  • Features: Water play, water dams, pumps, water rills
  • Partners: LUC, Lazenby Contracts, Frosts Landscapes