Zeytouneh Square, Beirut

Since the end of the Civil War in Lebanon in 1991, Beirut is once more becoming a thriving capital of business. The development of Zeytouneh Square was part of the wider regeneration of Beirut and is now home to three beautiful water features.

The Fountain Workshop provided a number of water features for this space: a shallow pool with tall arching jets, a tiered channel running along one edge of the Square, and an overflowing water table. While vastly different in form, these three water features combine to create a space that not only attracts visitors but welcomes them.

The water features incorporate a variety of surfaces that differ in texture, colour, and effect on the water. The tiered channel, for example, runs over a black, shiny stone that accentuates the splash of the water as it flows over the raised sections of the channel. The water table, however, is a lighter stone that gives the water a clear, pure look.

Project Facts

  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Client: Solidere
  • Services: Design, build, maintenance
  • Features: Jets, water tables, channels
  • Partners: Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Imad Gemayel
  • Photography: Gustafson Porter + Bowman