Ben Hampshire

Ben is Project Director of The Fountain Workshop. He was our first employee, joining us fresh from Durham University in 1996. He is instrumental in every project completed at The Fountain Workshop – planning and managing each commission and making sure they come in on time and budget.

He also has the lead development role for our web-based fountain control system and works with our artist, Mel Chantrey, on our fountain display sequences. In fact, there’s not much Ben isn’t involved in – health and safety, IT, electrical diagnostics, as well as backup and advice for the maintenance department and design team.

Ben studied physics, specialising in astronomy, astrophysics and yes, rocket science. His science background sharpened his analytical skills and gave him an amazing attention to detail – something that he brings to every project.

Outside work, Ben has recently completed an epic 927.8km swim challenge (37,110 lengths of his local pool… equivalent to the distance from Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands!). Drier pursuits include biking, hiking and music – he has over 50 song writing credits to his name although he’s given up gigging for his Hawaiian ukulele.