Madeleine Bracey

Madeleine’s job is to make sure we keep up to date with the fast pace of business in the modern day. She ensures that we have a relevant and constant social media presence, while also updating our website with any news. As a company, we have recognised that this form of marketing is a vital way of reaching previous, current, and new clients in the modern age. As such, we brought Madeleine on as our formal Marketing and Press Officer so that we can ensure our clients keep up to date with our progress. Here at The Fountain Workshop, we are always excited to see the company expand in new directions and we want our clients to know what we are up to. Madeleine is the one who is charged with getting that message out and making sure that we communicate our progress successfully.

In her spare time, Madeleine is a keen musical theatre enthusiast, something which she both enjoys watching and participating in. She may not be much help in the workshop just yet but she is proud to say she can recite all the words to Les Mis from memory!