What We Do

The Fountain Workshop brings a fresh and innovative approach, not just to fountain design, but also to the construction and management of water features.

We offer a range of services, from initial design consultancy through to a full design and build service, often operating as a principal contractor on a scheme. The experienced engineers and technicians on our fountain maintenance team will ensure that your water feature is in perfect working order throughout its lifecycle.


Design consultancy

Most clients like to involve us in their projects from a very early point. This allows us introduce the potential use of water and to consider how it can and should integrate with its environment. At this stage we work closely with clients and design teams to push the boundaries of what can be imagined and achieved.

Exploring new ideas through sketches, scale models and full-size working mock-ups is all part of our job and perhaps what we enjoy most.

Fountain Workshop - What We Do - Design consultancy

Mock ups

Mock-ups are where our concepts come to life. This is how we test new ideas, hone performance and push boundaries with new technology.

These mock-ups test every aspect of the feature, from materials and finishes to water flow, jet performance and lighting effects. The process helps steer the design development and allows our clients to visualise their feature and experience how it will work.

The video shows a mock-up for one of our current projects. The shallow pool tested here is just a small part of a feature that will include six pools, each measuring some 10m long.

Engineering expertise

Once the initial concepts have been explored and refined, we turn our attention to developing the best engineering solutions.

While it’s tempting to allow the technical solution to influence the design, we feel it’s imperative to be design led and find the right engineering solution to realise the vision. This approach often takes us down new paths and keeps our ideas fresh.

We embrace emerging technologies and always look for new ways to create memorable experiences.

Fountain Workshop - What We Do - Engineering expertise


Our design consultancy work often leads to a full design and build contract.

Our installers and project managers are highly skilled, with knowledge built up over many years – both at home and abroad. The team understands all stages of the construction process and we have a great relationship with many of the major construction companies.

Our primary expertise is in the fields of specialist mechanical and electrical works, water treatment, underwater lighting, fluid mechanics and waterproofing. This allows us to handle 99% of the work “in-house” however, depending on the project, we may also work in collaboration with other specialists.

Fountain Workshop - What We Do - Construction


The team of specialists at The Fountain Workshop will make sure your water feature is in pitch-perfect working order.

We offer a year’s comprehensive maintenance contract with each new project. This generally leads to an ongoing support relationship that ensures your feature runs beautifully and without interruption throughout its life. Whatever your requirement, we are entirely flexible and will support you as much or as little as you need.

It is not unusual to be asked to make changes to a fountain display at short notice, and our innovative web-based control service allows us to monitor performance and operate our features remotely.

Fountain Workshop - What We Do - Management